Management Team

The business currently employs 15 staff on a regular basis.

Sergio Tribuzio



  • Diploma of Applied Chemistry/Master of Science-Chemistry
  • FDFFS1001A: Follow work procedures to maintain food safety
  • FDFFS2001A: Implement the food safety program and procedures
  • FDFTEC300A: Participate in a HACCP team
  • FDFGAU4004A: Identify and control food safety hazards.
  • Familiarization of Internal and external audit process
  • Accredited workplace trainer and assessor

Sujan K.C

Factory Supervisor /Management Team


  • Diploma of Hospitality SIT50307 at VIT (Commercial Cookery) at MRP International Institute
  • Safe Food Handling Hospitality (SIT) Training Package
  • Apply First Aid HLTF A30B

Suman Adhikari

Shift Supervisors/Wafer Machine Operators


  • Diploma of Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) SIT50307 at VIT
  • Food Safety Supervisor THHBCC11B, THHGHS01B at Hales Institute
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Acamedies Australia Polytechnic, Apply First Aid at VIT (Victoria of Technology)

Factory Personnel

10-20 Highly trained and motivated to highest standards by Staff and Director.